Parents and Carers 

Connexions Bradford is the local support service for all young people aged 13–19, and up to 25 if they have learning difficulties and disabilities. 

We offer young people advice, guidance and support on a range of issues such as education, training, jobs, money and lifestyle decisions, to help them make a smooth transition to adulthood and working life. 

Parents and carers are the single biggest influence on the decisions young people will make about their future, so it is useful to know about the help available to them from Connexions Bradford. This has never been more important than now, as new Government legislation states that all young people must be in some form of education until they are 17 (if they started secondary education in 2008) or 18 (if they started in 2009).

How can Connexions Bradford help?  

All young people can meet a Connexions Personal Adviser who will offer practical support, advice and guidance on many issues including: education, careers, work and training, health, housing, money and benefits, volunteering, development opportunities and leisure. 

The range and depth of support will vary according to the needs of the young person at the time. This could include:   

- Help in making options choices or applying for further or higher education   
- Help in finding work or training opportunities   
- Support in school/college to ensure a they complete their course   
- Advice on funding whilst at school or college   
- Advice about spare time activities that could help develop skills   
- Help with benefits or childcare issues   
- Advice and support on housing or issues like health or drugs which would affect their ability to study, train or work

Personal Advisers are happy to meet you with your son or daughter if you feel this will be useful. 

Connexions Personal Advisers are based in two Connexions Centres in the area — see the Contact Us page for more details. They are also available to see in most secondary schools and colleges in Bradford and have links with training providers and youth projects.

What? One-to-One Advice — Connexions Personal Advisers are available to see your son or daughter to offer information, advice and guidance.   Where and When? Find them in school, college or the Connexions Centres. See the Contact Us page for more details.
Workclubs — if your child has left school and needs help with the following: CV writing, job search, preparing for interviews, using the National Apprenticeship Service and making applications online, they can come along to one of our Workclubs. Use the contact details to book a place. Tuesdays and Thursdays at Bradford Connexions Centre 2–4pm

Mondays and Wednesdays at Keighley Connexions Centre 2–4pm

Short courses — if your child is aged 16–19 and not in employment, education or training, they may be interested in a short course offered by Connexions Bradford in conjunction with partner organisations, which focus on employability skills and could include a period of work experience. Our short courses have various start times throughout the year. Contact us on 01274 377800 for details of the next available dates.
  Job Vacancies — Connexions Bradford holds details of local job vacancies which are suitable for young people.  See the Vacancies page of the website HERE.  


Are you a Young Carer?

  For help and information on support available for Young Carers, visit