Are you looking for work?  Whether you want a part time job whilst you are studying, or full time employment after you've finished your education, the information here can help you:   
  See this document for a list of all the workclubs in the area:/Portals/4/Practitioners/Work_Clubs_0318.pdf  


If you need help putting a CV together or filling in an application form, have a look at this factsheet for some useful tips 18_CVs and Applications Factsheet.pdf .  Remember, we also have Workclubs at the two Connexions Centres where you can get help - see the Parents and Carers page HERE for details.



For tips on how to be successful at an interview, this factsheet will help 19_Interviews and Assessments Factsheet.pdf . 


  Where to find jobs


Start by having a look at our own Vacancies page HERE.

We post job vacancies and other opportunities which are relevant to young people in the area, so you may find something to interest you there.

There are also lots of online websites which advertise jobs and apprenticeships.  Have a look at the links below to see if there are any which interest you - there may be none today, but new vacancies are added all the time, so keep checking.

  Apprenticeship                             -    
  Local job sites:    
  Halifax Courier - 
  Keighley News  -
  Telegraph and Argus     -     
  Yorkshire Post - 
  National job sites:     
  Fish4Jobs - 
  Indeed  -   
  Jobsite   - 
  Monster  - 
  Reed  - 
  Total Jobs -
  Universal Jobmatch - 

Recruitment Agencies

Have a look at this document for a list of local recruitment agencies: Recruitment Agencies.pdf